Support Structure for Empathic Leaders

Every Year

Teach fellow members one practical knowledge or skill for which you’re well-versed or passionate.


Volunteer to interview a membership candidate for potential acceptance to the community.

Every Month

Attend all required sessions as noted in the session schedule.
Participate in discussions on Discord to share your learnings, engage in reflection, and express appreciation for other members’ efforts.


Check-in with your assigned partner at least once every 2 weeks, even for a brief 15-minute video call.
Volunteer as the team lead of the month to facilitate discussions on Discord.

Every Week

Measure your well-being. (Form will be provided)


Write a reflective journal. (Form will be provided)

Every Session

Choose wonder over judgment.
Take responsibility instead of blaming and criticizing yourself or others.
Maintain confidentiality of everything spoken by everyone.


Let us know how we are doing and how we can improve. (Form will be provided)